Chapter Companion Courses

Take a video-guided deep dive into the areas of the
Watertight Marketing book that you are addressing.

The Watertight Marketing book is just the start of your journey to underpinning sustainable sales results. Behind every key idea, model and framework, we have worksheets, case studies, tools and templates to support you in applying the approach in your own context.

For each Chapter, we've designed a comprehensive companion course. These are video guided with around 5-10 pen and paper exercises that layer to get you to apply the ideas in your unique context. Whilst enrolled on the course, you'll have access to Expert and peer support in our online community, and to fortnightly live Q&A with Bryony Thomas.

“One of the tweaks that I made as a direct result of completing three Chapter Companion courses landed me a client that covered the costs three times over.”

Emma Insley