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Would you like one of our experienced and licensed experts to guide you through these courses?

How could a Certified Practitioner support your learning?

Our expert practitioners have all completed these courses themselves, and applied the methodology to a wide variety of client contexts.

By choosing a licensed Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner you are choosing someone trained and approved in using the Watertight Marketing methodology and thinking tools with their own clients. They're all able to support your progress through Webschool, at a level of depth that suits you.

Learning Plan

Based on an audit of your skills and goals, a Certified Practitioner can design a syllabus for you, detailing the courses and sequence for your learning.

Train & Mentor

Supplement your online learning with proven workshops, run facilitated sessions on specific tools or frameworks, and mentor your team in using what they've learned effectively in their roles.

Marketing Strategist

Work with you in a retained capacity to act as the marketing strategist for your business, using our toolkit, and their own vast experience to ensure your marketing operation delivers.

Trusted Marketing Strategists

What makes a Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner different from other marketing consultants?

Fully aligned with Watertight Marketing values

A key element of our selection process is to ensure that the people we certify share our values of integrity, personal development, community and a belief in Commercial Karma. We are all long-term thinkers committed to providing what your business truly needs.

Fully trained and licensed to use Watertight Marketing tools

Certification is open by application against strict criteria, and only awarded when they have completed full training and passed our rigorous process of assessment. This includes client references and reaching core fluency in our tools and processes.

Proven, experienced and qualified strategic marketer

Our Certified Practitioners have already proven themselves as a marketing professional. We require all to be a Professional Member of the Chartered Institute or Marketing (or other equivalent body). They have each managed marketing budgets in excess of £100k, and have evidenced experience of working effectively with demanding clients. 

Clear and unambiguous pricing and engagements

A Certified Practitioner will always be clear about deliverables, costs and timetables. You will know what you are paying for, what you'll pay, and when things will happen.

Legally compliant and crystal clear

Certified Practitioners are required to provide evidence of appropriate Professional Indemnity insurance, and to have clear, legally-sound, terms agreed with all clients.

Connected and engaged within a lively peer community

Certified Practitioners value being part of a community of peers. They tap into the skills and expertise of others to fulfil larger engagements, ensure clients have access to relevant industry experience, access complementary skills, maintain and push for the highest standards, celebrate success and support one another.

"I truly value being part of the Watertight Marketing community. It keeps me at my best, and ensures that I can bring exactly what my clients need to the table."

Rachael Wheatley

Certified Practitioner

"Combining my own style and experience with the brilliant Watertight Marketing tools brings something really special. It's incredible to be amongst such smart and supportive peers."

Peter Baynes

Certified Practitioner

Commercial Karma

We believe in Commercial Karma; that treating people decently is the foundation of long-term success. We would never do, or advise others to do, something that we wouldn’t do ourselves in their position.


We operate with integrity at all times; which means that we can always explain and feel comfortable with our motives and actions. We would never act in a way, or for a reason, that we wouldn’t be happy to explain publicly.

Growth & Challenge

We strive for ongoing personal growth, challenging ourselves and others to be the best versions of themselves; which means we invest time and money in self-awareness and personal development.


We help build organisations that support happy, healthy families and communities; which means that we work in ways that enable outside interests and making a community contribution.

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