Three types of account

The way you use Watertight Webschool will vary depending mainly on the size of your business. 

Get started by setting up your FREE individual Learning Account...

Company Account

Talk to us about having your own Company Learning Account, where your whole team can access the resources, and any tailored programmes we've designed with you.

Small Teams

If you're working through the courses and resources as a small team, you may wish to connect with a Certified Practitioner to act as your partner through the process.

Solo or Micro

If you're working through as an individual, simply set-up your account to get your invitation to the Facebook Group - then pick the courses you want.

Based on the Best-Selling Book

"The book on marketing that makes sense of the rest!"

All courses and resources in Webschool are derived from, or make reference to, the multi-award winning book - Watertight Marketing - by Bryony Thomas. 

A company learning account for your whole team

If you have a team of ten or more people who wish to access the courses and resources we have, we can create you a Company Learning Account. we'll work with your nominated internal Watertight Marketing champion to tailor key areas of content, and roll the service out with your team. These packages are typically priced at the equivalent of £200 per user per month.

A package of courses put together by your Certified Practitioner

Our network of Certified Practitioners can create the right package of courses and resources for you, and add on their hands-on expertise to guide you through it. They can work with you to tailor exactly what your business needs at the best possible price.

A self-serve account with the courses you want

Set up your individual account to access the free courses, and then add-on the paid tutorials you need as you work through the resources at your own pace. Any time you are live within one of the video courses, you'll be invited along to the live fortnightly Q&A sessions.