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Courses and resources to accompany the multi-award winning Watertight Marketing methodology, captured in the best-selling book by Bryony Thomas.

Turning theory into results for your business

If you've enjoyed the Watertight Marketing book, or nodded your way through one of Bryony's workshops and now want to roll your sleeves up to turn ideas into action, you're in the right place.

The Watertight Marketing book is just the start of your journey to underpinning sustainable sales results. Behind every key idea, model and framework, we have worksheets, case studies, tools and templates to support you in applying the approach in your own context. 

"The Watertight Marketing process has made me focus on exactly who I want to be working with. It’s been quite challenging but it’s really unfolded from there — and my diary has filled up, really filled up. I feel more prepared for a potential new client. There’s a much better structure to my marketing and on-boarding process by comparison to my earlier scattered approach."

Amanda Thomas Photographer

"The online courses have also helped me focus on the right kind of customers for me and my business - I have a number of different projects in progress but I now know exactly how to showcase the best ones as testimonials that will attract more of the same."

"Watertight Marketing has enabled me to implement a huge change here at Face for Business - we've gone back to basics to ensure our bucket has no holes. The course has opened all our eyes and proved to us what we need to get right and implement in order to proceed with effective marketing.  I cannot recommend the online programmes enough."

"Addressing the No Gateway Leak has been a revelation for me. I've introduced an initial workshop with clear pre-work (on my side) and outputs/results, and I have secured two new (sizeable) bits of work. This has now converted into two new, previously elusive, on-going contracts. It has shortened the sales process considerably too. On the other side of our business where I haven't even implemented the ideas fully yet, the new way of thinking has already helped me with better sales conversations which has resulted in two new bits of work there too! That's four new contracts within three months of starting my Watertight Marketing licensing journey working through the methodology."

Deborah Kingsley KPC Creative Communication

"Such a helpful session today - I'm putting you on my '3 Amazing things that happened' list for today. The Q&A sessions are so valuable in bringing the concepts to life and revealing just how many different ways there are to tackle a marketing challenge. More importantly, they help me encourage some divergent creative thinking with my management team. Thanks again."

Cara Sherliker Adeva Partners

"Wow... the results have far exceeded our expectations. With fantastic help and support from a Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner, we're now enjoying a ten-fold increase in photography bookings going into 2018, compared to this time last year! If you're prepared to put the hours in then go for it, worth every penny."

“10 minutes with Bryony on a Q&A call as part of the online courses unblocked a pricing presentation issue I'd been wrestling with for over four years!"

Julie Peel, Founder & Jeweller Inspired Design

"One of the tweaks that I made as a direct result of completing a 12-week Webschool course landed me a client that covered the costs of the course three times over."

Emma Insley Third Sector Consultant, Fundraiser and Facilitator

"It’s hard to express how good I think the Watertight Marketing process is. It’s really brilliantly illuminating, focused and founded in things we can actually do. And, the honesty, generosity and integrity of Bryony’s approach is truly refreshing."

David Hughes, Director Anatomised

"We doubled both turnover and profit in 12 months by following Bryony’s Watertight Marketing process. Joining the online courses working through the book in more detail, with Q&A calls with the author, Bryony Thomas was without doubt the best marketing decision I’ve ever made."

Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder Audenza

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